Adam & Eve: The Musical

Ben Hales - writer and composer

Ben Hales is a freelance composer and writer.

As a guitarist and songwriter, he has worked extensively with Aqualung (aka Matt Hales, aka Ben's brother), and written and toured with many other bands including Duke Special, David Ford and The Fray.

His commercial music includes soundtracks for adverts for Mitsubishi, Wrigleys and Chrysler, along with widely-used production music for Chappell/Universal Publishing Production Music.

More recently he has composed music for numerous TV productions including 'Watson & Oliver', 'Dick and Dom's Funny Business' and 'The Stephen K Amos Show' for the BBC and TwoFour/Channel 4's 'A Short History of Everything Else'.

Ben is also a lyricist, writer and playwright. He is an Associate Director of Splendid Productions, where he provides creative adaptations of classic plays, writes and arranges bespoke music, and produces a wide range of teaching resources.

His first original play 'In Parenthesis' won the Ambassador Theatre Group's Metamorphosis08 playwriting competition and was performed at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley in June 2008.

His second play 'There's a Leak!', written for young performers, is published by educational publishers Nelson Thornes.

Projects for 2013 include music for the second series of 'Watson & Oliver' for BBC2, a new play called 'Poundtown', performed at Greenwich Theatre in March, and performing 'Adam & Eve: The Musical' at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

You can find out more about Ben and hear more music at

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